Who is jack nicholson dating now

But if women young enough to be his granddaughter aren’t hurling themselves at him any more, it might also have something to do with his lifestyle.As detailed to Closer by a friend, it certainly isn’t sexy.It was a success that came later in life - he was 58 at the time.He'd had small roles in the films Alien, Repo Man and Private Benjamin as well as numerous TV shows before fame came calling.One woman visitor recalled a procession of unidentified old men wandering around in bathrobes as if they lived there, each pulling food out of the ancient avocado-coloured fridge and making lunch as dirty dishes lay piled up in the sink.Famous for her ability to become a friend to the stars, the Greek-born Kallianiotes, who appeared with Nicholson in the 1970 film Five Easy Pieces, moved into his guesthouse decades ago and has never left.Although it all sounds too pedestrian to be true, it certainly tallies with what others told me this week about his life today.

He used to house the collection in Brando’s gloomy old bungalow next door which he bought from the actor’s estate in 2004.(A neighbour of Stanton’s current home recalled one night finding him naked and stoned halfway up a tree and feeding raw chicken to coyotes.)Nicholson doesn’t even need to leave his home to play golf. Even when he was linked with the world’s most glamorous women — who have included Candice Bergen, Rebecca Broussard, Christina Onassis and Marie Helvin — he liked nothing better than to lounge around with his pals over beers and a plate of hotdogs, and watch sport on TV. Insiders say he remains close to two of his oldest friends and fellow diehard Lakers fans: the actor Danny De Vito, who Nicholson has known since they grew up together in working-class New Jersey, and Lou Adler, a music industry veteran who produced the original Rocky Horror Show.A keen player for nearly 30 years, he can tee off on his own private range, hitting golf balls down into a private canyon from a mat on his back porch.‘Nobody cares who is a star and who isn’t. Adler used to sit next to Nicholson at Lakers games.Scarface star Pacino also opted for loose-fitting black pants that he paired with a green shirt and dark suit jacket along with a black baseball cap.Stanton was a character actor who enjoyed a steady and stellar career in Hollywood following his breakout role in Wim Wenders's film Paris, Texas in 1984.

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