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Next, copy the files to a USB drive by selecting Firmware Manager, selecting the desired firmware version, then selecting Copy to DOK (Disk on Key).Next, insert the USB drive into a USB port on the Uni Stream panel. Select the option Upgrade PLC to start the firmware update process.

You can assign different levels of connection to the VNC users: Setting Levels 1. The maximum number of COM modules that can be placed on a Uni Stream panel is 4.

The supporting Uni Stream driver is PL2303, which is compatible with most USB to Serial converters.

In the Solution Explorer, click PLC Communication Panel USB Port to open the Properties Window, and then select Enable USB for Serial Device.

No HTML coding required–you simply drag&drop elements and widgets, similar to the HMI Displays Editor.

You can also create different user accounts and multi-level password settings, and apply them to individual web pages.

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