Quest client profile updating utility

The Office 365 admins receive a notification e-mail which announces the update schedule.

quest client profile updating utility-61

The timespan to complete the wave 15 upgrade is end of 2013 latest, which means your upgrade cannot be later than this deadline.This is “by design” when moving services to the cloud – as MVP Sean Mc Neill stated in his post [p=938]: This is an important questions because with a move to the cloud, the company give up some control on when, and even if, you will go through an upgrade of the service.The company now relies on the Service Provider, Microsoft in this case, to handle the upgrade and the cadence of the upgrades.This needs to be fully understood and accepted by a company moving to the Cloud.” To mitigate the risk of forcing the customers to update in times where it is just neither “comfortable” nor “amusable” – as it might be in the middle of an Exchange migration project – Microsoft offers to postpone the update one time.

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