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Yet new times may require an expanded research agenda, one that focuses not just on the suppression of diasporic identities by dominant classes.

Needed is one that engages with new textual configurations, one that de-reifies concepts of culture, and explores new definitions not only of discourse, but as well of language as necessarily blended, multiglossic, and transcultural.

I then turn to the research methodology and discussion of the case study, and end with some implications for examining English on the Internet from the perspective of intersecting socialization processes across global and local/national space.

The theoretical framework for this study is informed by a tradition of research in language socialization that looks at how language learning is part of a process of socialization through which the learner acquires particular status and relationships in the social environment where the learning takes place.

Language socialization researchers (e.g., Baquedano-Lopez, 2001; Heath, 1983; Jordan, Au, & Joesting, 1983; Phillips, 1972; Schieffelin & Ochs, 1986; Scollon & Scollon, 1981; Valdez, 1996) have examined the patterns of communication between adults and children, same-age and cross-age peers, and interactions in institutional and community settings across different ethnic and socioeconomic groups, and have shown that language learning is intricately related to the construction of social roles, cultural affiliations, beliefs, values, and behavioral practices among participants in a community.

Synthesizing a range of cross-cultural research, Schieffelin & Ochs (1988; also see Ochs & Schieffelin, 2001) note that the process of language acquisition and the process of socialization are integrated since language is often the medium or tool to initiate the individual into the stock of knowledge and practices of a community, and the acquisition of appropriate uses of language is part of acquiring social competence in that community.

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Recent critique of second language (L2) education has raised questions about the dominant ideology behind the linguistic norm and academic genres into which students are schooled (e.g., Benesch, 1993, 2001; Cope & Kalantzis, 1993; Hammond & Macken-Horarik, 1999; Mc Kay 1993; Pennycook, 1995).

who had turned to a bilingual Chinese/English chat room to develop their fluency in English.

I examine the language practices of this virtual community and how it provides an additional context of language socialization for the two teenage girls.

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This paper considers how global practices of English on the Internet intersect with local practices of English in the territorial or national sphere in constructing the language experiences of immigrant learners.

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