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the mixture of lively freakery and stoned pomposity gives [Schou's] portrait of countercultural excess an authentic period feel.” ―Publishers Weekly“OC Weekly reporter Nicholas Schou spent four years uncovering the brotherhood's surreal, largely unknown story, pulling together written accounts of its history and run-ins with the law and persuading brotherhood members to be interviewed decades after its demise....Read Schou's well-researched and compelling book to decide for yourself about the brotherhood's true legacy.” ―Orange Coast magazine“His reporting is diligent, and his story comes mostly from the mouths of participants speaking for the first time on the record after decades of hiding deep underground.This book hit the mark as far as providing a history about how the hippie drug culture spread across America due to the deliberate dispersion from a few select areas and groups.The Brotherhood was one of those groups and Laguna Beach was one of the epicenters for this dispersion.Interesting real period characters are named and described and the naive boldness and blind luck of how they got as far as they did in their mission to enlighten the world via LSD is amazing.

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This is an interesting history of a type of LSD that (and I say this with all candor and humility) changed the world.

His writing has also appeared in numerous weeklies over the past decade, including LA Weekly, the San Francisco Bay Guardian, Washington City Paper, the Sacramento News & Review, and the Village Voice.

Schou is the author of Kill the Messenger: How the CIA's Crack Cocaine Epidemic Destroyed Journalist Gary Webb. I don't recommend drug use, but this stuff was something else.

A few minutes later, Hendrix himself walks in with a six-pack of Miller High Life, saying "I don't like that album. It's the summer of 1970 on Maui, Hawaii, where Hendrix performed a free concert on the slopes of the Haleakala Volcano while being filmed, along with Les Potts (the lucky partaker of Hendrix's beer) and other Brotherhood of Eternal Love members for the music documentary, Jimi Hendrix - Rainbow Bridge.

This scene doesn't begin to describe the incidents and events packed into this history of the early LSD-drenched days of the sixties in the LA area (with excursions to Hawaii and Afghanistan). This one concentrates specifically on the cast of bizarre characters who morphed from petty rebel-with-a-cause-type criminals running around looking for people to beat up, into peaceniks out to save the world by means of (literally) millions of doses of Orange Sunshine - reputed to be the finest acid ever produced on a mass scale.

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