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If you are approved for wholesale pricing, you will be given a customer number, which also is used as your password.

Your email address and password are needed to log onto the website.

The store that receives your form will contact you in about one to two days.

If you are approved to become a wholesale authorized dealer, it can take another day or two for the Tandy Leather Factory to establish your online account.

You may also view the products online, with a wide variety of leather parts, craft-making supplies and kits available for purchase.

] Tandy Leather Factory offers business pricing to owners of leather or craft companies.

Tax is charged to the end-user and turned over to the state.

After receiving a reseller number from your state tax or equalization office, complete the "Blanket Sales Tax Resale (Exemption) Certificate," accessible on Tandy Leather, and email or fax it to the Tandy Leather Factory Store closest to you.

During World War II, citizens were allowed to own only two pairs of shoes, which negatively impacted the business, so the company started selling leather craft supplies after the war.Turn your leather craft hobby into a business by becoming an authorized dealer for a leather wholesaler.Tandy Leather Factory offers qualified businesses wholesale discounts to buy and resell leather, tools, craft kits and other items.The product prices on the site will reflect the wholesale business discount.Once you are approved to purchase your products at the discounted price, advertise to your target market.

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