Dating pleasure

Some may think you're creating an uncomfortable work environment or using power in the wrong way.

If you can't handle being the subject of water cooler conversations, reconsider your office romance.

Dating is a popular way of meeting people of the opposite sex and maybe start new relationships.

Where does a person go though to find a date that will be pleasant and maybe lead to a more significant relationship?

If you're dating someone from the same company, you'll probably spend your evenings and weekends talking about work…does that sound fun?

And what will you talk about over dinner at night when you both already know each other's good office gossip?

Along those lines, men worry about the size of their guts (and other measurable organs), their hair (or lack thereof) and other attributes. The bedroom is one of the great stages of male performance, and as such, what you see and hear is typically the role, not the reality.Here are 10 "unmasking" facts you may want to know:1.And--as if the breakup itself wasn't bad enough--if you're dating someone above or below you on the corporate ladder, you could be faced with a sexual harassment lawsuit (from a scorned subordinate) or losing your job.Freud called female sexuality "the dark continent"; if that's true, male sexuality could qualify as the dark planet. It's no wonder, in trying to please the actor, a woman loses sight of a guy's true identity.

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