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If you were alive in 2006, then you were an Amanda Peet fan.

Here are the movies that Amanda Peet had starred in by the time she married David Benioff in 2006: (playing the titular Jack — don’t worry about it, it’s a whole thing), and was about to star in her highest-profile role to date: as Jordan Mc Deere, on Aaron Sorkin’s radical “what if we made a show about sketch-comedy with no jokes” proto-prestige experiment .

Here are four working theories: An obvious answer that checks out on all fronts.

Why does David Benioff call Amanda Peet “Amanda Peet”?

You would say, “I’ve started to date Amanda Peet.” You would be starstruck, and act accordingly. When David Benioff said the phrase “Amanda Peet” at the Emmys in 2015, he activated a covert government military action, probably Black Ops, possibly extraterrestrial.

That is what this theory posits: David Benioff started out referring to Amanda Peet as “Amanda Peet,” and never stopped, and — when it came time to accept his Emmy Award, years later, and to thank her — it simply didn’t occur to him to address her as anything else. Initiating at the 2015 Emmy Awards was the easiest way to slip the activation phrase through undetected, as ’ writing had been really strong the season prior, and Benioff and Weiss were considered pretty much a lock. When Benioff said the phrase “Amanda Peet” at the Emmys in 2016, this was a standard deactivation procedure of the preceding covert action.

Monica is a beautiful assistant at Raviga, the company that invests in Pied Piper.

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Last month's statistics from the National Center for Women & Information Technology showed that despite making up 57% of the professional workplace, only 25% of professional computing positions are held by women and only 17% of Fortune 500 Chief Information Officer roles are filled by women.

Or do we have some responsibility to portray it as it should be?

My feeling is that by keeping it out of whack, then it becomes a conversation," show producer Alec Berg told Silicon Valley, still has only a handful of female characters.

Following her film debut in Final Destination 3 (2006), she had lead roles as Felicia Alpine in Sex Drive (2008) and Tess Carroll in Charlie St.

Cloud (2010), as well as Carrie Miller on the television series Whistler.

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