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Double-Sized In-Dash Car DVD Players You are probably going to need to run wires from the player to the speakers,any auxiliary input devices you might want to run (such asrear view cameras orcar bluetooth kits) as well as running a wire to both ends of theemergency break cable as it may be illegal in your country to be able to operate the screen when thecar is in motion, unless its using a rear view camera.You will also need to wirethe car DVD player to the power supply.Car DVD players come with a safety function that is connected to the handbrake.This feature prevents users from watching videos or TV shows while driving.Installation of this system is similar to that of the 2 DIN player.Back To Top Alternative Design Car DVD Players This type of system is easier to install than the one, or two DIN DVD player butwill still present you with some unique problems.WIFI: Wi-Fi, also spelled Wifi or Wi Fi, is a popular technology that allows an electronic device to exchange data or connect to the internet wirelessly using UHF radio waves.Back To Top2 DIN systems DIN is an international standard for Car stereo / in-dash car entertainmentunits: 2 DIN simply means a standard double decker slot size.

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However, unless you're an electrician or mechanic, or you tinker withelectronic projects or cars as a hobby, you might find the project a littleconfusing.

Two DIN car DVD systems are usually made up of a screen and DVD player,with the amplifier being built into the dashboard unit.

You may find that you will need unit mounts andconnectors to get the DVD player to be seated properly.

This system is mounted in the car dashboard and will probably pose you the most difficulty, especially if you are installing it fromscratch.

But since double DIN car DVD systems also look the coolest, it isdefinitely worth the effort...

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